雷声大,雨点小  léi shēng dà,yǔ diǎn xiǎo 雷声大,雨点小的意思和解释: 比喻做起事来声势造得很大,实际行动却很少。 雷声大,雨点小的出处 雷声大,雨点小的例子 雷声大,雨点小造句
  • 雷声大雨点小,现实市场却少有微澜。
    but small talk,the reality is little market micro Temple.
  • 雷声大雨点小”。
    "thunder and rain".
  • 乌云雷声大雨点小
    Black clouds thunder a great deal,but rain little.
  • 而且,到目前为止,中国仍是雷声大雨点小
    So far,too,China's bark has been worse than its bite.
  • 他说的话吓不倒我--不过是雷声大雨点小
    Much cry and little wool. The loud thunder but small raindrops. Much said but little done.
  • 他说的话吓不倒我--不过是雷声大雨点小
    I wasn't frightened by what he said it was just bluster.
  • 雷声大雨点小
    Great cry and little wool.
  • 雷声大雨点小”,这是业内不少人士的态度。
    "small talk",which is the attitude of many people.
  • 雷声大雨点小
    Great cry and little wool.
  • 平日里,他为人给我的感觉总是雷声大雨点小
    He always gives me the feeling that the mountain labors and brings forth a ridiculous mouse.
  • 雷声大雨点小
    Great boast small roast .
  • 仍然是“雷声大雨点小”,企业目前还是不愿押宝云计算。
    Still more talk than action. Enterprises are still reluctant to tie their future to a cloud.
  • 但这些自发形成的联盟却多数夭折,可谓“雷声大雨点小”。
    But these spontaneous collapse of the majority coalition is,could be called "small talk."
  • 但整个深圳楼市总体是“雷声大雨点小”,“革命”不够彻底。
    But the Shenzhen market overall is "thunder and rain","revolution" is complete.
  • 同时俄国人也明白他们可能面对的经济制裁只会是雷声大雨点小
    They also know that they will face no serious economic punishment.
  • 夏热冬冷地区的建筑节能工作还停留在“雷声大雨点小”的阶段。
    The energy conservation building in the cold winter and hot summer area stay in " thunder heavy but the raindrop little" stage.
  • 北方说多做少,很多楼盘是雷声大雨点小,甚至很多概念只停留在炒上面。
    North said something less,many projects are small talk,and many of the above concepts only stay in speculation.
  • 而经济相对落后的内陆地区则是“雷声大雨点小”,发展缓慢,效果欠佳。
    And the economy is relatively backward inland areas are "small talk" development has been slow and ineffective.
  • 但各地打击捂盘的态度及措施相差甚大,很多城市仍然是“雷声大雨点小”。
    But throughout the combat disc attitude and measures vary considerably,many cities is still "all thunder and no rain."
  • 相对于广州以快见称的城市规划建设速度,珠江新城绝对是个例外,雷声大雨点小
    Compared to Guangzhou to see that the fast pace of urban planning and construction,Pearl River Metro is definitely an exception,talk small.
  • 雷声大雨点小。真正要离开他,我真的舍不得。可是我又不得不那么做。做不到再说吧。
    I leave not because there is someone else. It's just time to say goodbye. That's life.
  • 从统计数字可以看出,钢厂减产、限产政策可以说是“雷声大雨点小”,减产效果并不明显。
    As can be seen from the statistics,steel production,production-limiting policies can be said that the saying of "little",the effect is not clear cut.
  • 首先,不管奇吧奇先生在处理腐败问题上如何雷声大雨点小,他的政府都绝对比前任几届政府要强。
    For one thing,despite its feebleness against corruption,Mr Kibaki's government is definitely better than its predecessors.
  • 事实上,EVA考核在央企一直雷声大雨点小,从2003年,国资委就对央企进行过EVA评估。
    In fact,EVA assessment in the central rate has been done since 2003,the SASAC on EVA central enterprises carried out the assessment.
  • 作为缅甸的邻居,东盟国家已经牵头搞了一个“慈善联盟”,用以组织国际援助,但是雷声大雨点小
    Myanmar's neighbours in the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) have made a big deal of leading a "coalition of mercy" to organise the international aid effort.
  • 喇叭型:呜哩哇啦,只喊不做,或雷声大雨点小,同那些“少说多做”的实干家相比,在竞争中更轻易失去机会。
    Horn: Toot hullabaloo,cry to be not done only,or muchcry and little wool,with those " say less to be done more " doer photograph is compared,lose a chance more easily in competition.
  • 喇叭型:呜哩哇啦,只喊不做,或雷声大雨点小,同那些“少说多做”的实干家相比,在竞争中更轻易失去机会。
    Horn: Toot hullabaloo,cry to be not done only,or much cry and little wool,with those " say less to be done more " doer photograph is compared,lose a chance more easily in competition.
  • 虽然近几年我国服装行业反复强调品牌文化建设,但由于资金和人才等种种原因,一直是雷声大雨点小,效果不显著。
    We have repeatedly hammered the brand-building culture in recent years but have no significant effect,so we thought the reasons maybe were the short of funding and personnel and so on.
  • 各级政府和有关部门都为此制订过大量的规章制度,进行过各式各样的有益尝试,经常是“雷声大雨点小”,收效甚微。
    Various government is this formulate to pass many regulations system with concerned branch,had had sundry beneficial attempt,often " thunder is big,raindrop is small ",effects is very small.
  • 韩国政府方面对这一问题时也是雷声大雨点小,他们一面大声强调这一问题,一面却小心翼翼的维护这一高速增长的产业。
    Regulators are also treading lightly on the issue,voicing concerns but also being careful not to jeopardize the high-growth industry.
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