肉中刺  ròu zhōng cì 肉中刺的意思和解释: 比喻最痛恨而急于除掉的东西。 肉中刺的出处 肉中刺的例子 肉中刺造句
  • 意识是比起肉中刺更为令人烦恼。
    Consciousness is much more than the thorn, it is the dagger in the flesh.
  • 他的朋友已变成眼中钉肉中刺
    His friend has become a thorn in his side.
  • 例2那个问题是他们的肉中刺
    That problem is a thorn in their flesh.
  • 他们想拔掉这根肉中刺是不足为怪的。
    It is not surprising that they should seek to remove this thorn in their side.
  • 正常人也没有这么一根眼中钉肉中刺
    Normal people have no spines as near as I can tell.
  • 在屋大维的眼里,她一直是眼中钉,肉中刺
    and she was always going to be a thorn in the sight of Octavian.
  • 拉登是布什的肉中刺
    Laden is the thorn in Bush's flesh.
  • 肉中刺,眼中钉。
    Thorn in the side.
  • 对美国投资者来说,美元真是个眼中钉、肉中刺
    For U. S. investors, the dollar was a thorn in the side.
  • 眼中钉,肉中刺
    A thorn in one's side.
  • 他的游击队成了巴尔干地区德国占领军的眼中钉和肉中刺
    His partisans became a thorn in the side of German occupation forces in the Balkans.
  • 两德统一消灭了古怪分裂的东德,拔掉了联邦共和国的肉中刺
    It removed the oddity of a separate East Germany, a thorn in the Federal Republic's flesh.
  • 他是一个不留情面的活动家,几年来一直是政府的眼中钉肉中刺
    A relentless campaigner, he was a thorn in the government's side for a number of years.
  • 吕布说,“曹公啊,你最视为眼中钉的肉中刺的不就是我吕布吗?
    " LUI Bo said, "Tso ah, you as a thorn in the side of most of the flesh of my LUI Bo is not it?
  • 朱丽叶是他异父长兄的妻子,对他来说,也是无法忍受的肉中刺
    Julia was his eldest step-brother's wife, and a thorn in his side.
  • 不知为什么我成了他们的眼中钉、肉中刺了。我可从未伤害过他们。
    I wonder why I become a thorn in their flesh. I've never harmed them.
  • 他当然是亲戚,但也是我们的肉中刺。我但愿他也能移居到国外去。
    He's a relative of course, but a thorn in our flesh. I wish he could emigrate.
  • 两德统一,消除了分裂的东德的古怪行为,拔掉了联邦共和国的肉中刺
    It removed the oddity of a separate East Germany, a thorn in the Federal Republic's flesh.
  • 虽然整个婚礼依然如果肉中刺般折磨着我,但我不得不承认,我喜欢这个称呼。
    Though the whole marriage ordeal was a thorn in my side, I had to admit that I liked the sound of that.
  • 那只得益洋洋的鹦鹉,现在终于滚蛋了,拔了咱的眼中钉,肉中刺,这就是我说的。
    The preening popinjay has now departed the scene and good riddance, say I.
  • 以色列方面还强调,对于西方和以色列来说,巴勒斯坦伊斯兰抵抗运动组织哈马斯都是其眼中钉肉中刺
    The Israelis stress that Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group, is as much the West's enemy as it is Israel's.
  • 中国中部山区的一位足疗师如今成为这个国家许多网民心中的英雄,但对于很多官员来说却是个肉中刺
    PEDICURIST in a mountain town in central China has become a heroine to many of the country's internet-users and a bane to many bureaucrats.
  • 我们之所以能作为群居动物生存下来,就是因为我们视自私自利为眼中钉、肉中刺,对违反公众利益的行为严惩不贷。
    We've survived as social animals because we are so good at spotting selfishness and punishing antisocial behavior.
  • 既然是合法的,从根本上就没有必要视其为过街老鼠,适当地批评是可以的,但也应该心平气和,而不是视为眼中钉,肉中刺
    Since it is a legitimate and fundamentally there is no need as rats, can be appropriately criticized, but it should also be calm and not as nails in the eye and thorns in the flesh.
  • 麻醉剂问题像一根能割裂撕裂肌腱的道钉一样,成了这项运动的“肉中刺”,能否拔除此刺,全仰仗菲利克斯这样的运动员了。
    Doping has ripped the sport like a track spike tearing a tendon, and it's up to athletes like Felix, the defending world champ in the 200 m, to heal it.
  • 尽管在你们年轻的时候很多人把你们看作眼中钉肉中刺,但是你们所有的队友却总是和你们和睦相处,为什么会这么互相矛盾呢?
    as much as people perceived you when you were younger - the pain in the asses, but all those teammates always will holy with you? how does the conflict come to this?
  • 他为了报复,一把火将生活了多年的寺庙烧为灰烬,师傅在大火中被烧死了,五位小师弟得以逃生,但他们仍然是易英的眼中钉、肉中刺
    He took his revenge and burnt the Cangzhen temple to the ground, but the five youngsters survived and continue to be a thorn in his side.
  • 谷歌表示,未来数周将就如何在没有审查的情况下运营在华业务与中国政府谈判。长期以来,审查都是拥有在华业务的西方网络公司的一个肉中刺
    Google said it will be talking with Beijing in coming weeks about how it might operate in China without censorship, long a thorn in the side of Western Web companies operating there.
  • 意大利工会视其为眼中钉,肉中刺,因为他对意大利“久负盛名”的无效率公务员部门进行了大刀阔斧的改革,他本人声称此举减少了40%的缺勤率。
    To the outrage of trade unions, he has shaken up Italy's legendarily torpid civil service, in which he claims to have reduced absenteeism by 40%.
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