相濡以沫  xiāng rú yǐ mò 相濡以沫的意思和解释: 濡:沾湿;沫:唾沫。泉水干了,鱼吐沫互相润湿。比喻一同在困难的处境里,用微薄的力量互相帮助。 相濡以沫的出处 《庄子·大宗师》:“泉涸,鱼相与处于陆,相呴以湿,相濡以沫,不如相忘于江湖。” 相濡以沫的例子 相濡以沫造句
  • 相濡以沫,不如相忘于江湖。
    Forget each other in the lakes and rivers…
  • 环境要有相濡以沫的天空,才能滋润我心灵。
    The environment wants to have the always mutually respectful and attentive sky, then can moisten my mind.
  • 没有如胶似漆,没有相濡以沫,却能够守护至死。
    No Rujiaosiqi, without each other, it was able to guard to death.
  • 不怕风雨摧残,就这样相濡以沫,默默走过春夏秋冬。
    Not afraid of wind and rain destruction on such spring, summer, autumn and winter passed quietly.
  • 一对相濡以沫的夫妻说过这样一句话:天长地久是什么?
    A pair of Xiangruyimo couple said this statement: What is permanence?
  • 虽然是磕绊很多,但始终相濡以沫,执子之手,与子偕老。
    Although the trip is to knock a lot, but always Xiangruyimo, executive-hand with the sub-Xielao.
  • 你和他不需要面对面相濡以沫,你和他电话里常常笑语连声。
    you and he does not need face-to-face Xiangruyimo, you phone, and he often laughing repeatedly.
  • 在这对年轻人身上我看到了相濡以沫的爱,他们彼此相偎着离开。
    And I saw the love shared by two people as I watched this couple walk away with their arms interwined.
  • 恭贺新郎、新娘!祝妳们在漫长的人生旅程中相濡以沫,永远幸福。
    Congratulations to the groom, best wishes to the bride. May your path be long and filled with joy.
  • 也就是黄磊说过的那句话:爱是认知,了解,以及相濡以沫的感情!
    LOVE based on knowing and understanding as to support each other when he(she)fall in trouble!
  • 恭贺新郎、新娘!结婚祝福祝你们在漫长的人生旅程中相濡以沫,永远幸福。
    Congratulations to the groom, best wishes to the bride. May your path be long and filled with joy.
  • 我经常出差到深圳和香港。在此广征天下情缘,但愿彼此能相濡以沫,携手共进!
    I will frequently travel to Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Widely in the world this love, I hope that mutually support each other, hand in hand!
  • 世界上只有两种可以称之为浪漫的情感,一种叫相濡以沫,另一种叫相忘于江湖。
    In the world only then two kinds may call that it the romantic emotion, one kind calls to help one another in difficult time, another kind calls to forget in the rivers and lakes.
  • 和能爱的人,相濡以沫;和不能爱的人,相忘于江湖。这是两种最为浪漫的爱情。
    And to love people and can not love people in the political arena This is the most romantic love of two.
  • 幸福是苦难中相濡以沫的眼神,这让我们忘却了生活的无奈,看到了活着的希望;
    Is Happy suffering in the eyes, which allow us to forget the lives of helpless, hope to see a living;
  • 很多人都觉得恋爱就是甜甜蜜蜜的你侬我侬、相濡以沫,两个人在一起就是要零距离。
    Many people think that love is a sweet honey sweet Lovers, to each other, two people together is to zero distance.
  • 民主需要这样的「迴声室」,即使他们的讨论似乎只是一堆同质性支持者的相濡以沫
    A democracy needs such "echo chambers, " even though their discussions inevitably appear like nothing but a bunch of homogenous supporters rah-rah-ing each other.
  • 而很少有人留意骑车、散步、种花养鸟、亲朋相聚、与爱人相濡以沫……都是人生的享受。
    Few people notice the pleasures of biking, walking, planting flowers, raising birds, getting together with friends, caring for loved ones, etc.
  • 经历再多,始终相信人生是美好的。我会用我的真心,寻找真实的另一半,相濡以沫走完这一生。?
    More experienced, and always believe that life is beautiful. I will use my heart, the other half looking for the real, and that another walk.
  • 婚姻生活中,有一种感动叫相亲相爱,有一种感动叫相濡以沫。其实还有一种感动,叫做守口如瓶。
    Marriage, there is a call to love each other deeply moved and touched by a call Xiangruyimo. In fact, there is a touching, known as tight-lipped.
  • 我一直以为会和我的第一任妻子这样相濡以沫地生活下去,可是她却不爱我了,最终选择了和我离婚。
    I thought I would have this with my first wife, but she fell out of love and chose to divorce me.
  • 其实人间那最唯美的缘,是人类最为普通的夫妻缘,那是在现实生活中经过相濡以沫滴滴点点的情感。
    In fact, the most beautiful human edge that is the most common of human geo-husband and wife, it is in real life after a little bit emotional .
  • 白头偕老,用这四个字来形容109对老人半个多世纪风雨同舟、相濡以沫的感情恐怕最适合不过了。
    Xielao old age, the words used to describe the 109 pairs of elderly people more than half a century through thick and thin Xiangruyimo probably the best feeling of all.
  • 其实,你携起她的手时,就是前世残存的记忆在提醒你,前世埋你的人,就是你身边与你相濡以沫的爱人。
    Actually, you let her hand, is in memory of remaining in the past bury you remind you, who is with you, and you love the roof.
  • 但,“相嘘以息、相濡以沫,不若相忘于江湖”,你们的未来会更美好,我深信太阳每天都是新的,你们也一样。
    However, "with Xu to income, Xiangruyimo, if not in the political arena Xiangwang", you have a better future, I am confident that the sun is a new day, you are also the same.
  • 一个企业的生存意义在于为客户创造更高的效益,一个企业的成功与辉煌凭借大众的认可和相濡以沫的信赖及支持。
    One existence of enterprise meaning lie in create for clients value; One success and brilliance of enterprise rely on between approval and incomparable trust and support of masses.
  • 唾沫这点水是可以短暂地维持牠俩的生命,可是如果有机会重返江湖,那又有谁愿意过这种相呴以湿,相濡以沫的日子呢?
    If they could return to river and lake, who would like to live the life of spitting each other?
  • 时光荏苒, 两个女儿上了大学, 相继幸福地结婚成家, 只剩下我们夫妻俩相濡以沫, 守居在有14级台阶的漂亮家中。
    And time passed. The girls went to college and were happily married, and my wife and I were alone in our beautiful home with the 14 steps.
  • 律师极其艰难地为他们拟造了一份离婚协议书,因为他觉得,经过婚后40年的相濡以沫现在两个老人都70多岁了,他就是弄不明白这对老夫妇仍然要离婚。
    Lawyer was having a hard trying to get the papers done, because he felt that after 40 years of marriage at the age of 70, he couldn't understand why the old couple would still wants a divorce.
  • 律师极其艰难地为他们拟造了一份离婚协议书,因为他觉得,经过婚后40年的相濡以沫现在两个老人都70多岁了,他就是弄不明白为什么这对老夫妇仍然坚持要离婚。
    Lawyer was having a hard time trying to get the papers done, because he felt that after 40 years of marriage at the age of 70, he couldn't understand why the old couple would still wants a divorce.
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