相映成趣  xiāng yìng chéng qù 相映成趣的意思和解释: 映:对照,映衬。相互衬托着,显得很有趣味,很有意思。 相映成趣的出处 相映成趣的例子 中外美术史上有些事情,可以说常常~。(秦牧《画蛋·练功》) 相映成趣造句
  • 水岩景区怪石遍布,山水相映成趣
    Rock rocks area around the water, mountains and rivers Xiangyingchengqu.
  • 花园式厂房,依山傍水,绿树环绕,相映成趣
    The garden, plant trees, next to each other.
  • 两岸奇秀的山峰、蓊郁的树林,同澄碧的湖水相映成趣
    Qixiu the two sides of the mountain, Weng Yu of the woods, with the lake Chengbi Xiangyingchengqu.
  • 清澈的泉水边,石榴花轻舞倩影,与水中游鱼相映成趣
    clear spring water side chi marn with fish in the water.
  • 侧重色彩用于有装饰线的小房间或公寓,更能相映成趣
    The stress color uses in having the decoration line den once in a while the apartment, can form a nice contrast.
  • 侧重色彩用于有装饰线的小房间或公寓,更能相映成趣
    Emphasize particularly on the cubby that colour uses at having decorative thread or apartment, more can set each other off becomes an interest.
  • 在城市的这一部分,你可以看到古代和现代建筑相映成趣
    In this part of the city, you can see ancient modern buildings next to each other.
  • 4北京王府井与京城古朴的文化氛围及炫目的商业气息相映成趣
    NO. Atmosphere reaches 4 Beijing Wang Fu Jing and culture of capital simple and unsophisticated dazzling purpose commerce breath forms a delightful contrast.
  • 豪宅加美女,二者相映成趣,确实比单纯地看钢筋水泥生动得多了。
    House plus beauty, both trying really vivid than simply looking at much reinforced concrete.
  • 作品介绍 /这顶帽子活像是假发,与脸上的小圆点相映成趣
    This hat is liking a wig, creatively set off by the dots on his face.
  • 红色与白色相映成趣的是圣诞老人,他是圣诞节活动中最受欢迎的人物。
    Red and white are the Santa Claus, Christmas Day, he is the most popular figures in the activity.
  • 红色与白色相映成趣的是圣诞老人,他是圣诞节活动中最受欢迎的人物。
    With red and white together is the Santa Claus who is the most popular one in all Christmas events.
  • 红色与白色相映成趣的是圣诞老人,他是圣诞节活动中最受欢迎的人物。
    Xiangyingchengqu the red and white Santa Claus, Christmas activities, he is the most popular figures.
  • 红色与白色相映成趣的是圣诞老年人,他是圣诞节活动中最受欢迎的人物。
    Exist side by side is the red and white Santa Claus, he is the most popular Christmas activity characters.
  • 院内晾亭喷泉、繁华修竹、草坪嘉木和白色建筑相映成趣,园林风采格浓郁。
    Air the fountain of the pavilion in the courtyard , trim the bamboo , good wood of lawn and white building to contrast finely with flourishingly, the garden elegance dose is strong .
  • 坐拥无敌大海景,与珠海渔女,情侣路相映成趣,品尝四大名菜,真是超级享受!
    Invincible sitting on large sea, fishing and Zhuhai women, couples Xiangyingchengqu Road, the four famous dish taste really enjoy super!
  • 塔基周围栏杆,上雕去龙图案,中雕莲花图案,古朴中透露出精致,与古塔相映成趣
    Taki around the railing, go long on carving patterns, carving of lotus patterns, revealing the elegant simplicity in with Kagutaxiang ying cheng qu.
  • 历史上的两次“猴子审判”相映成趣,两者都涉及自由教育原则,但结果却大相径庭
    It is funny that there is a difference between two times of "monkey trial" in history, which both refer to liberal education principle, hut the endings are quite different.
  • 墨西哥与其北面逐渐形成的那个多种族社会相映成趣,随后它便开始渗透并改变那个社会。
    Mexico became a counterpoint to the caste society that developed in its northern neighbour. Then it began to permeate and change that society.
  • 历史上的两次“猴子审判”相映成趣,两者都涉及美国的自由教育原则,但结果却大相径庭。
    The two trials of monkeys in history both concern the principle of American free education but are considered as totally different.
  • 如在壁面上设计一弧型铁花线条,顶角设计一铁花角饰,它与整个居室相映成趣,活跃了室内氛围。
    As in art, design a user spends lines, the design of a vertex angle spends Kok decorated it with the entire room trying, the revitalization of the indoor atmosphere.
  • 与东海岛相映成趣的是吉兆湾海滩旅游区,它距离湛江市区仅65公里,并被誉为“南国风光经典”。
    Jizhaowan beach resort is across over the Donghai island and is only 65miles from Zhanjiang city. It is called "the classic sample of southern scenery " .
  • 岸上还有甘庶洞、出鱼洞(又叫冷泉洞)等溶洞,这些景点与漂流河段相映成趣,美景叠出,令人留连忘返。
    Gan Shu-shore there, the Yudong (known as cold seeps hole), and other cave, these attractions and river rafting Xiangyingchengqu, the beauty of a stack, it is Liulian in time.
  • 追求时髦的时装店以设计师的名字命名。与大型时装屋。著名珠宝商店和美食家们精挑细选的食品场所相映成趣
    Trendy boutiques with designer names alternate with large fashion houses. famous jewellers and the select temples of the gourmet.
  • 在中国东部浙江省的义乌镇,庞大的批发市场和清真寺内熙熙攘攘的朝拜者相映成趣,暗示着亚洲各国间密不可分的联系。
    The crowds of worshippers at the mosque in Yiwu, a town in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang with a vast wholesale market, hint at the scale of the links.
  • 再往前行,两岸景色迥异,相映成趣,右岸怪石峥嵘,杂草丛生,左岸碧峰翠岭,竹木葱笼,这犁头胜景,令人目不遐接。
    Walk again, the two sides view different, , on the right bank of the strange , covered with weeds, the left bank of the Bifeng Chui Ling, bamboo, which coerulea scenic spots, it is not ya head then.
  • 国际国内知名品牌,汇聚一街,两侧建筑,许多是解放前所建,古香古色的欧式风格,与路边现代服饰相得益彰,相映成趣
    International and domestic brands, bring Street, on both sides of the buildings, many built before liberation, Guxiangguse European style, modern street clothes and each other, Xiangyingchengqu.
  • 描述:1984年庆典上,杰克逊身着配有金色肩章、肩带的礼服,戴着蛤蟆镜,配上单只白色手套,和身旁第一夫人相映成趣
    Caption :He wore a blue sequined jacket with gold epaulets, aviator glasses and a single white glove at a 1984 award ceremony, in which President Ronald Reagan acknowledged Mr.
  • 敦煌三大宴具备了现代饮食的绿色、营养、健康、典雅的要求,席间专门有敦煌古乐舞的表演,与宴席相映成趣,使人赏心悦目。
    Dunhuang feast with three green modern diet, nutrition, health, elegant request, during which the ancient Dunhuang music and dance dedicated to the show, and feastxiang ying cheng qu people pleasing.
  • 相映成趣的是,美元和日元较其他主要货币,尤其是英镑和加拿大元,大幅升水。这主要是由于全球投资者都在寻找避风港的缘故。
    Instead, both the US Dollar and Japanese Yen soared against other major currencies, particularly the British Pound and Canadian Dollar, as world investors sought safe havens.
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