相持不下  xiāng chí bù xià 相持不下的意思和解释: 双方对立,彼此相持,不肯让步。 相持不下的出处 《史记·项羽本纪》:“楚汉久相持未决,丁壮苦军旅,老弱罢(疲)转漕。” 相持不下的例子 相持不下造句
  • 曹袁双方相持不下,各有损耗。
    Cao Yuan stalemate the two sides, each with its own loss.
  • 当我们赶到那里,两只队伍依然相持不下
    When we got there, the two teams were still neck and neck.
  • 战争打了十年相持不下,双方都损失惨重。
    War dozen the decade be stalemated, both parties all loss miserably heavy.
  • 北京和华盛顿方面对中国国防支出相持不下
    Beijing and Washington have publicly locked horns about the level of Chinese defence spending.
  • 苏珊和杰克在男女薪水平等一事上相持不下
    Susan locked horns with Jack over the subject of equal pay for women.
  • 土人一直在争夺这一小片土地,双方相持不下
    The natives have been warring over this small piece of land without either side winning.
  • 巴西队教练看到场上局面相持不下,申请了技术暂停。
    Brazil coach see the ground situation in stalemate, to suspend the application of technology.
  • 当双方仍在相持不下之际,有个渔翁经过,将牠俩一网成擒了。
    While they were still grappling with each other, a fisherman passed by and netted them both.
  • 然而,是什麽最先活化三叉神经,目前则有两派学说相持不下
    What first activates the trigeminal nerves in migraine, however, is under debate. There are essentially two schools of thought.
  • 在1983那年伦敦与北京曾因殖民地(即香港)前途相持不下
    London and Peking were at loggerheads over the colony's future in 1983.
  • 我们不要在举行全国代表大会时还相持不下,最后在竞选总统中失败。
    We do not want to go to the convention and have a big fight at the convention and lose the presidency.
  • 国内两大政党民进党和国民党对如何处理和中共的关系一直相持不下
    The two main national parties, the DPP and the KMT, have been at loggerheads over how to manage relations with China.
  • 即使战争结果陷于相持不下的僵局,它们也许会感到远比以前更加自由。
    Even if the battle ends only in a stalemate, they may feel far more free.
  • 于是双方相持不下,B公司决定起诉欠费业主,请问业主应该如何对应?
    So the two sides split, the company decided to prosecute plan B owners, owners should ask how counterpart?
  • 另一方面,在辩论相持不下时,奥巴马从未坚定地站在改革主义者的一边。
    On the other hand, Mr Obama never sided unequivocally with progressives as the debate dragged on.
  • 在联合作战的历史中,这种相持不下的局面是很普通的,往往也是灾难性的。
    In the history of coalition warfare such impasses have been common, and sometimes disastrous .
  • 学习法典的时候可不可以抽烟,他们各执已见,相持不下,最后去找拉比裁判。
    When studying statute book but in order to smoke, they each hold already saw, be locked in a stalemate, go seeking rabbi judge finally.
  • 例如库罗帕金将军鉴于战壕之设,令双方相持不下,为求打破僵局,筹划夜袭德军。
    General Kuropatkin, for instance, once planned a night attack on the German lines in an effort to break the stalemate imposed by the trench system.
  • 三年前,当政府和议会为选举法相持不下时,科威特的学生示威者在议会门前搭起了帐篷。
    Three years ago, in a stand-off between the government and parliament over an electoral law, student demonstrators in Kuwait camped out in front of the parliament.
  • 对一些非原则问题,一些技术性的问题,也斤斤计较,相持不下,不善于让步,不善于等待。
    He engages in endless arguments with others on issues that are not matters of principle but of a purely technical nature, categorically refusing to compromise or be patient with others.
  • 西方国家介入,使伊朗无法在此一相持不下的海湾战争中,顺利切断阿拉伯对伊拉克的援助。
    This Western presence has frustrated Iran's efforts to choke off Arab help to Iraq in the deadlocked gulf war.
  • 这时候美国国内对伊拉克的支持下降,总统和反对者领导的国会又在战争经费问题上相持不下
    S. domestic support for the war effort in Iraq and a rancorous standoff between President Bush and the opposition-led U. S. Congress over war funding.
  • 电企和煤企因电煤价格正相持不下,在这个时候给电企注资,煤企要求涨价的呼声就会更高了。
    Electricity and coal prices due to high electricity prices is a stalemate at this time to the injection of electric rates, coal prices will require the voice of prices higher.
  • “隐含作者”的概念一经提出就在叙述学界引起了广泛的关注,支持与反对的两派一直相持不下
    When the term of "implied author"was put forward by Booth in 1961, two opposite opinions come into the world of narratology.
  • 各方观点相持不下,难怪有专家称,从来没有哪个行业像现在的房地产业这样出现如此鲜明的对立面。
    Parties view exists, it is no wonder some experts said the industry has no current real estate such as the emergence of the so-antithesis.
  • 共和党籍副总统与民主党籍马州州长,在从堕胎到预算赤字,到伊朗军售丑闻,以至毒品泛滥等问题上相持不下
    The Republican vice president and the Democratic governor of Massachusetts locked horns on issues from abortion to the budget deficit to the Iran-Contra scandal, to the narcotics plague.
  • 在二者相持不下的局面下,一种主张改革学校教育以逐步消除体罚的实践开始出现,为消除体罚难题开辟了新的道路。
    Under this circumstance, a practice aiming at banishing corporal punishment gradually through school education reform has appeared which offers a new way out for solving the problem.
  • 为炼钢原料设定年度价格四十年的谈判历史中,包括力拓在内的中国钢厂和铁矿石生产商,在这次持续时间最长的谈判中相持不下
    Chinese mills and iron-ore producers including Rio are deadlocked in the longest-running negotiations in the 40-year history of setting annual prices for the steelmaking material.
  • 其支持者和反对者各执一词,相持不下;前者往往倾向于夸大该机的作战能力,而后者则以造价过高,技术过时等理由对其大加抨击。
    Although the pros and cons are at a tie, the supporters usually tend to exaggerate the jet's combating capability and the critics often rip into its high cost and outdated technology.
  • 现年49岁的被告萝莉·德鲁还被控犯有第四项罪名:共谋罪,然而陪审团在这项指控上意见相持不下,联邦地区法院的法官乔治·H·吴宣告这项指控的庭审无效。
    The jury deadlocked on a fourth count of conspiracy against the woman, Lori Drew, 49, and the judge, George H. Wu of Federal District Court, declared a mistrial on that charge.
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