目不暇接  mù bù xiá jiē 目不暇接的意思和解释: 指东西多,眼睛都看不过来。 目不暇接的出处 南朝宋·刘义庆《世说新语·言语》:“从山阴道上行,山川自相映发,使人应接不暇。” 目不暇接的例子 一切艺术的道理也是这样,单一必然导致枯燥。而丰富多采、~则是绝大多数人所欢迎的。(秦牧《菊花与金鱼》) 目不暇接造句
  • 他们留下的石刻碑文,令游客目不暇接,叹为观止。
    The tourists will be marveled at a dazzling exhibition of their stone inscriptions in the resort.
  • 但是在展区新的“智能”手机和服务令人目不暇接
    But on the show floor it was hard to keep track of all the new "smart" phones and services.
  • 以衣服为主流的时尚已变得眼花缭乱,令人目不暇接
    To the mainstream of fashion clothing has become dazzling, dizzying.
  • 演出很精彩,孩子们的眼睛都不够用了/看得目不暇接
    The show is wonderful, and the children are all eyes.
  • 同时,精彩的竞技场面也让人倍感眼花缭乱、目不暇接
    At the same time, the splendid athletics scene also lets the human feel urgently is dazzled eyes cannot take it all!
  • 小雨丝、光纤树、立体星、鱼型吊灯、立体雪花等令人目不暇接
    From small, optical fiber trees, three-dimensional stars, fish type chandelier, and a dizzying three-dimensional snowflakes.
  • 纷繁的图象以各种不同的面孔冲击着我们的眼睛,使我们目不暇接
    Too many numerous and complicated images impact our eyes im appearance of sorts.
  • 沿着石阶渐渐步入景区,两边怪石林立,移步换景,另人目不暇接
    Gradually along the stone steps into the area, Guaishi on both sides of the proliferation of Yibu for King, another person Mubuxiajie.
  • 主题为改装电路的“改装节”很快就要到来啦,到时候你将目不暇接
    TheBent Festivalfor circuit bending is coming up soon if you'd like to see more.
  • 电视以其方便内容丰富吸引了我们,各个各样的电视节目令人目不暇接
    The television convenience full of meat has attracted us by its the , each all kinds television program eyes cannot take it all.
  • 新技术纷至沓来,令人目不暇接:一年涌现子中技术创新相当于以前一千年。
    Innovations are occurring at a bewildering rate: as many now arrive in a year as once arrived in a millennium.
  • 例如,让他们描绘出在热带海岸的沙滩上,或是在让人目不暇接的博物馆中。
    For example, they were asked to picture themselves on a sandy beach along a tropical coast -- or in a museum with lots to see.
  • 一时间,消费者目不暇接,被吸引到洛溪、大石、钟村看楼的广州人络绎不绝。
    All of a sudden, consumers stunts, was attracted to Luoxi, though, the Village Kanlou people visited Guangzhou.
  • 来自四川的客商正在县城里举办展销会,各式各样的新潮商品,让农民们目不暇接
    The businessmen from Sichuan are held in the county fairs, all kinds of trendy merchandise, so that the farmers Mubuxiajie.
  • 浑身的每一个音乐细胞都在活跃,从舞的海洋到歌的海洋到歌的海洋,让我目不暇接
    Ah, it seemed that I had fall down into a joyous ocean. All the music cells in my body were active at that moment.
  • 这么多打折优惠的信息真有点让人目不暇接,甚至有些慌乱,消费者真能从中获得实惠吗?
    So much of the information is somewhat discounted concessions made stunts, and even some confusion, consumers can obtain real benefits?
  • 以人为本的概念、生态概念、环保概念、山水概念、健康概念、绿色住宅概念等令人目不暇接
    To the people-oriented concept, ecological concepts, the concept of environmental protection, landscape concepts, health concepts, the concept of a green residential stunts.
  • 内容广泛,形式多样,既具有民族传统特点,又颇富现代文明色彩,令人赏心悦耳,目不暇接
    The content is broad and forms are various. It both has the national tradition characteristic, and quite rich modern civilization color and makes one enjoy delightfully, eyes cannot take it all in.
  • 一路上的各种景色让你目不暇接,从林立的高楼到美丽的海岸线,还有叫人叹为观止的大南方岬。
    The trip affords drivers sights of everything from mansions to coast lines with the awesome beauty of the coastal mountains in the Big Sur.
  • 第一次看IMAX时,眼睛会很疲劳,因为四周的景物令我们目不暇接,这就是IMAX的魅力所在。
    The first time we've seen an IMAX, our eyes were tired because there were so many visuals to see, and that's the essence of IMAX.
  • 渐渐地能跟著爸爸妈妈到拍摄现场转转,虽然四蹄还在颤颤巍巍,但外面的世界已然令它目不暇接了。
    It eventually can follow its parents to walk around near the shooting location. Even though its four legs are still a little shaky, but there is so much in the outside world for it to explore.
  • 名胜古迹数不胜数,尤其是历代文人雅士墨客留下的1300多处石刻碑文,令游客目不暇接,叹为观止。
    The tourists usually marvel at the immuerable relics, particularly the over 1300 stone inscriptions from scholars and calligraphers from various dynasties.
  • 珠江新城及五羊新城拥有众多酒楼食肆,目不暇接的商铺是逛街的好去处,珠江新城商业步行街即将建成。
    Pearl River and the Old Metro Metro has many restaurants, shopping Cyclists is a place of the shops, walking the Pearl River Metro Commercial Street will be built.
  • 电视和电通道的传输,这些通道让个人获得大量的娱乐、新闻、通服务和在家购物等,其种类令人目不暇接
    The flow of TV and cable channels that will allow individuals to access a revolutionary variety of entertainment, news, communications, home-shopping, etc.
  • “万花筒”不停志换着花样,一会儿转出冲天而起的银色火箭,一会儿转出两只安静吉祥的红灯笼……让人目不暇接
    "Kaleidoscope" non-stop blog for the pattern, while transferred out of the sky silver sky rocket, while quietly transferred out of two auspicious red lanterns … … dazzle people.
  • 春花、秋月、平沙、落雁、曲、叠、沉、悬潭等十八个名潭撒落在幽深的大峡谷里,千姿百态,各领风骚,令人目不暇接
    There are eighteen big pools, spring flourer , Autumn moon, smooth sand, falling goose. etc. There are all kinds of strange things, the eyes cannot take it all in.
  • 邓智仁说,前两年是北京房地产市场的概念年,各种概念源源不断涌向市场,各领风骚一、二天,让人眼花缭乱,目不暇接
    Dengzhiren said that the previous two years is the concept of the Beijing real estate market, the concept of flow into the market, holds a leading position one or two days, so dazzled, stunts.
  • 几百个微细的晶体管、晶片和其他电子零件被机械人“拾起并定位”到每块电子版上,多支机械手臂一起快速舞动,让人目不暇接
    Hundreds of tiny transistors, chips, and other electronic parts are attached to each circuit board by "pick and place" robots, whose multiple arms move almost too fast to follow.
  • 房间陈设富丽堂皇,布尔雕刻的和玫瑰木的家具、塞弗尔和中国的花瓶、萨克森的小塑像、绸缎、天鹅绒和花边绣品;真是目不暇接,应有尽有。
    The furniture was superb. Rosewood and Buhl-work pieces, Severs vases and blue china porcelain, Dresden figurines, satins, velvet and lace, everything in fact.
  • 然而事物总是不断变化的,当年的庸脂俗粉如今已经五彩缤纷,壁纸不仅花样丰富得能适应时尚的每种风格,材料也变得五花八门,让人目不暇接
    But things are always changing, then Yongzhisufen now blazing with colors, wallpaper is not only rich in adapting to the trend continues each style, materials have become great, so dizzying.
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